Cold sores????

Hi does anyone know if there’s a connection between ms and cold sores? Never had a cold sore in my life until about three years ago where I started to get them on an occasional basis. Since dx just over a year ago it feels as though I’ve never been without one. I’ve lost count but I think I’m on my eighth one this year alone and always in the same place. Coincidence??? Thanks A M

l think there is a connection - Cold Sores - are a herpes virus as is Shingles - which many of us have had prior to and after diagnosis. lts the Auto-immune theory - that l know not all of us agree with. We all have this virus - but it lies dormant ready to pounce. l think Bells Palsey is as well. Glandular fever is another ‘could be -pre cursor to ms’.

l have never had a cold-sore - but have had shingles three times. ln fact l don’t think it ever completely goes - pain still there at times.

We can’t keep blaming MS on all symptoms we suffer - but until anyone comes up with what causes MS - we just have to keep and open-mind.

I don’t know if there is a connection.

I have had cold sores off and on over many years pre MS.

My GP suggested using SPF 50 Lipscreen.

Take care