cold sores

who get cold sores. After having the flu and feeling rough since last friday. Woke up this morning to 4 big cold sores on face,2 under nose and 2 on lips.Great. I never have tingling.I will go into work tomorrow looking like i have done 4 rounds with a brick wall.Zivoraz never works on me,i end up dabbing them with whisky,or vodka.

What does anyone else use.



i use teatree for almost everything-either kills or cures it!

ellie x

Kim I too use teatree like Ellie I’ve also used witch hazel in the past which also worked. Sue x

Mens aftershave!

Actually, I used to have a theory re cold sores and MS.

I used to get horrendous cold sores…until I had MS symptoms. Then they vanished from my life. I read somewhere that herpes could be one of the possible causes of MS. That the herpes had gone inwards and caused demylination.

I was quite convinced that this was the reason why I had no more cold sores and MS like problems.

I posted the question on here, asking what other people`s opinions were.

It was a mixed reply…some folk like me, stopped getting the sores, others got the same amount and some had more.

So that blew the theory out of the water.

And anyway, last year, after 14 years of tests and investigations, I was told I definitely DO NOT have MS!

There you go!

luv Pollx

Toothpaste is great on cold sores.

Hi Kim

The doctor can prescribe an oral tablet -Aciclovir which should help. I was asked to get a persciption of this when I was due to have steroid treatment as I wasn’t allowed steroids untill the cold sore had cleared up as it could make it worse. Cleared the cold sore up in a week.

Take care