Does anyone suffer with cold sores??

Wondering if anyone has ms and cold sores??

Hi, I have had since being a child but I have notice now I have to be careful what I eat because for me if I have food with sugar in I get a cold sore the next day, perhaps you start a food diary to see if you get more cold sores when you eat certain, if you do get cold sores when you first get the smytoms use the herb Rosemary boiled in water then let it cool and keep in fridge,tap it on the cold sore every few hours it sounds mad but it will stop it getting any worse and will disappeared really quick.

Ask for a specific B12 blood test. It isn’t always part of the routine screening. My daughter was continually having coldsores and mouth ulcers. Five years later, she was found to be B12 deficient. Because the enzyme required to absorb it is lacking in her gut, she has regular injections.

I don’t know if it works for cold-sores but I have found that applying a dab of castor oil is useful for various skin problems. I’ve used it on patches of dry, flaky or irritated skin. You might not want to risk it on broken skin, though, without getting more expert advice first.

Another natural remedy for skin conditions is honey. A dab of honey on inflamed skin can be soothing and it’s got antiseptic properties. I’ve even heard of the NHS using it. Someone I know had a honey poultice applied after a cut on the leg became infected, and apparently this was very effective. I don’t know think it has to be Manuka, which is pretty expensive, but if you happen to have some Manuka honey in your cupboard then it’s probably worth a go.