cold sores

anyone ppms get cold sores

NOPE I had cold hands earlier but somehow I don’t think that helps. I haven’t had cold sores in years.


My feet are cold but I don’t get cold sores

I read somewhere a long time ago you either get them or your immune to them, no idea if it’s true or not hopefully someone with more sense than me will be able to give you an answer.

Jan x

Hi Joy,

I used to get cold sores quite a lot and after the birth of my middle daughter I got a cracker. It stayed for weeks and it was so sore. If I could have put a paper bag over my head I would have.

I haven’t had one for years thankfully.

Mags xx

Hi Joy, I used to get them a lot before I was dx. I think it might have been stress-related as I was forever feeling unwell but didn’t know why and pushed myself at work etc.

I used to use a cream beginning with Z… can’t remember it’s name. As soon as I started to feel that tingle you get before the cold sore starts, I’d put the cream on and it would stop the blister forming. Speak to a pharmacist.

Also think about your stress levels as I think there’s a connection.

Pat xx

never had one, people with ppms dont seem to get them but herpe virus indicted in rrms

Shingles is also a ‘herpes’ virus. lt lays dormant - and comes out when you are stressed or feeling low. l have had shingles three times now - but never cold sores.

Many of us have had shingles/cold sores/glandular fever - and it seems to be a pre-cursor to MS. l remember - years ago - on here they asked the question before and it was surprising the amount of pwms who responded.

Never used Zovirax myself, but told it works well.