Scary lump! Pls help

Hi there, 

Haven't been on for a while. Hope everyone is well.

I have got myself all worked up and really scared because I have found a small hard lump by my 'back passage' - sort of a soft lump of skin sticking out, and then a hard lump inside. I have up and down bowel habits and regularly have haemorrhoids -  wondering if its a thrombosed haemorrhoid, but of course you can't help worrying about anal cancer!!

I have had HPV and use betaferon (supresses the immune system, right?) an apparently using immuno restricting drugs and having a history of HPV infection increases your chances of developing anal cancer. I am also female, another risk factor.  

Arrrgh, always bad Idea to look on internet - should have come straight here to ask advice from you guys!

Please help  - not sure I will sleep tonight with worry!





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Hi - the Betaferon doesn't suppress your immune system. It modifies it, so that it doesn't overreact to viruses or other infections, so it doesn't make you more likely to get anything and you have the same cancer risks as any person without MS. 

It could be a cyst - but do go to the GP. They are used to these things. 

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You will not be able to rest until you know what it is....pick up the phone and make the appt with your gp.A few moments of embarassment (which will only be you not the gp)  will stop the stress which will be far worse for you long term.

If its something then you can start treatment, if its nothing you can heave a sigh of relief- and we can all have celebratory wine or chocolate depending on your vice...or both if like me you are greedy.

Take care   Pip

Thanks for your advice guys!!  I have booked an appointment with the GP next week and will report back.

I am feeling less panicked - it's most likely not to be serious. Sometimes I get health freakouts - not surprising really!

Thanks again appreciate your kind and supportive words very much and feel better.