Here goes nothing

Hello everyone

I hope your all feeling as well as can be

My sister has rheumatoid arthritis and she was told at christmas the best way to cut out pain is to avoid all dairy products and she has told me how much of a difference it has made to her life and that she needs less gabapentin and drugs like that then I do now, she was told dairy products produce pain or something I can’t remember the correct words for it, but I am starting to stop dairy too and see of it makes any difference to my pain in a few months, wish me luck.

hi moogle

there are some nice milk alternatives around these days.

almond milk and coconut milk are my faves

carole x

Hi Moogle Tesco do a good range of dairy free stuff, chess, yogurt, dessert etc and they also sell other brands as well. Swedish glacé ice dessert (ice cream) is really nice and is sold in Tescos and Morrison’s. One thing I would say is, most of the “alternatives” are sold in a lot of supermarkets which are SO much cheaper than health food shops! Good luck, but it’s really much easier than you think! Teddie

Did you know! man is the only animal to continue drinking milk beyond the weaning stage. I know!! your thinking…how fascinating

Good luck Moogle star