Dairy Free - Game Changer

Good Morning,

Like many of you, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my general wellbeing, particularly on the diet side of things.
I’ve been through various long term trials / phases over the last 4 years since diagnosis, all of which have made little or no difference.

Finally I decided to give the Dairy Free a try, about 6/7 weeks ago.
Honestly, It’s a Game Changer !

  • Bladder - Control and Duration
    I’ve gone from ± 45 mins to 2h30m, and can finally get through a movie with ease at the cinema :slight_smile:
  • Stability & Balance
    A strong wind could have knocked me over previously. I am walking better !
  • Alert & Awake
    No more mid-afternoon snoozes in my home office. I don’t even feel like doing it now. I’m up from 06:30 - 23:00.
  • Strength & Endurance
    Mow the Lawn and tidy-up 45mins, followed by the Gym 1h30m and no need for a sleep. Happy Days.

Just some of the benefits.
Give it a go. I didn’t see any benefits for 5 weeks, so stick at it.
There are lots of alternatives for the Dairy Products, basically you just need to search for Vegan.
Chocolate, Biscuits they are all there. Pricey maybe, but look what it might get you.
Hardest thing to give up - Cheese

Fortunately my wife is doing it with me, else the will power may well have gone a few times.
There was some cheating in the early days, but 7 weeks in, it’s quite easy now.

2 Day Amnesty at Christmas ! :slight_smile:
Give yourself the best chance. Start 1st January.

Good Luck. Mark.

I’ve been mostly dairy free since January this year. I was on tecfidera, but had to come off it due to low lymphocyte levels after a year on it. I’ve now been on Aubagio since March but it looks like I’m having a sensory relapse at the moment & will probably agree to steroids tomorrow when I see my gp, however im still going to stick to this way of eating. I’m glad it’s working for you.


I agree with everything you have said about the benefits. I was a vegetarian for over thirty years but I became vegan about a year ago having read about the Swank and Jelinek diets.

Cheese is a tricky one as the coconut based alternatives don’t quite hit the spot. The saturate content is also astronomically high. Otherwise the choice of foods and the range of recipes is varied and wide.

As I have been plugging ad nauseam to anyone who will listen; following a vegan diet combined with CBD paste, Biotin and Pilates based exercises has made significant changes to the progression of my MS, especially in the areas of alertness, bladder control and improved sleeping.

I wish you well with it.


Hello Mark.

I think looking for the minor adjustments is a good idea. All I do now is put skimmed milk into my morning tea.

There’s been a general improvement in fatigue especially.

Wheat and gluten hasn’t made any difference at all. Yes, cheese was the hardest.

Let the quest continue.