Milk & Dairŷ

Hi, I’ve just watched a lecture on YouTube by Walter Veith called Udderly Amazing. It’s very long - about 1 hour 20 mins - but well worth watching. He basically explains why cows’ milk and dairy is so bad for the human body. He even links it to MS, or rather BLV (Bovine Leukaemia Virus), that’s found in it. Heather

This is interesting, I think I might watch that documentary. I was told by my neurologist to be careful with my lactose consumption and my ms nurse told me to avoid red meat and dairy, anything that comes from a cow basically. I’ve stopped eating red meat and am working on the dairy part. Not easy. Thanks for your post x

Now there’s an odd thing…both of my MS nurses gave emphasized the importance of dairy, including milk !!

Thanks for your replies. I personally follow the Wahl’s/Paleolithic diet now. I’d been on the Best Bet Diet since 2008 but switched in August this year. I feel I’m doing what’s right for me. My relatives get very fed up with me sending them links to health-related stories, but I think when you consider yourself to be healthy you don’t have reason to question what you eat, or why. When I started on the Best Bet Diet, my doctor at the time told me not to deprive myself. I think I’ve mentioned before that his attitude was along the lines of: there were people on the Titanic who waved past the sweet trolley. The impression I got was that he thought I would go downhill anyway so I may as well stuff my face with junk - it won’t make any difference. MS has changed my life, not just from a health point of view but it has given me the opportunity to question and research things that I’d previously just accepted as normal and OK. It’s annoying when you learn that a lot of what we’re told is OK or healthy, isn’t. Someone somewhere is making a huge profit at the expense of our health. I personally won’t go near milk or dairy again, though I accept others are entitled to their opinions. It’s more important to be comfortable with whatever decisions we make.

Hi Heather,

I’d be very careful taking on board anything this guy says. I did a quick google on Walter Veith and came up with some very disturbing things.

I strongly recommend people also do a bit of reading about the man and his background before deciding to pour all their milk down the sink and run the risk of developing osteoporosis.

“Veith is by every indication a religious confidence man who has carved out his own niche market by convincing sadly credulous listeners to suspend their critical judgment just long enough to become convinced that what he is saying is not only entirely plausible but is in fact the very height of reason.”

Please don’t believe everything you see on YouTube of all places!


I was reading about the man last night… it’s frightening what people will believe. And just the ridiculous title of that video should be enough of a warning. As you say, disturbing.