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Hello everyone!

My twin brother has been driving me insane with this, he found out that scientist in Germany and Canada have found a link with dairy products mostly from cows such as milk and so on, they say that some people are fine with it but some people have a bad reaction to it.

Like they tested on someone or something and once injected with dairy products they found lesions in the brain… Also said that most countries with high dairy products are the ones with MS as Japan does not have hardly any any hardly any people with MS there.

Believe me my answer to my brother was I want to here full proof of this from my neuro before I believe for certain as nothing is certain, in a way to me it doesn’t seem that crazy.

I am sure u have prob heard all this before and if so I am sorry, I just thought I would ask other people what they think of this x

Sorry this is prob the link he was on about Dairy & MS | Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

the best bet diet says no dairy, no wheat, no legumes and loads of other things we shouldnt eat.

i tried it for a few weeks and ended up eating hardly anything. lost weight and i was borderline underweight to start with.

some people swear by it though

good luck

carole x

Hi The problem with eliminating dairy would be for those who have steroids when in relapse because they deplete calcium reserves and can lead to problems with bone density, so you should be advised to INCREASE dairy consumption, not reduce it. Xx


I follow a vegan diet (no dairy), but I do eat fish. I follow the Professor George Jelinek’s diet. You can se all about this on www.takingcontrolofmultiplesclerosis.org. It is a pretty ‘lean’ diet, but even I don’t follow this to the letter. I can’t guarantee that it is doing great things, but I do have more energy. It seems worth a try, so I will keep going for a few years I think.

There is certainly some evidence to show that we all improve if we have a low fat diet. I used to worry about not getting enough calcium, but the soya milk I use is supposedly enriched with it.

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I follow my own diet, i just avoid processed food and fast food. I make sure to have some veg daily, mind you from 15 till 26 years old i wouldnot eat any veg. I seem to tick along well with my diet. Im a farmers boy so i eat plenty of beef,chicken etc.

I always find the diets a bit too much to fit in with my life, harder to shop and cook with keeping everyone happy. Such is life.

Atleast i know not to inject dairy products now thanks


I dont eat dairy (or grains or sugar). You can get enough calcium from other sources. I eat tons of fresh veg and fruit and meat, nothing processed and I feel good.

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I follow a vegan diet (no dairy), but I do eat fish. I follow the Professor George Jelinek’s diet. [/quote]

I try to follow it but with some adjustments for family reasons. It helps that two of the other family members are vegatarian (actually one is pescatarian (?sp)) so mealtimes generally are good. By reducing and keeping tabs on Saturated fat intake works for me at the moment.

Change to skimmed milk and avoid biscuits,crisps,cake, chocolate,etc. Amazing how quick your body would complain if you decide to try and cheat the diet though!

I’ve started the dr terry wahls diet. Think its going to take a bit to get used to. on this diet, no grains, dairy or processed stuff, this is when you realise how much stuff you cant have anymore. Tried coconut milk for the first time yesterday…not bad, i suppose.

what i’ve got to do is think …i dont eat … not i cant eat…which will be difficult.


I’ve read the link and I do not buy it. There is no decent evidence that milk is linked to the development of MS. Any correlation between milk and MS geographics can be explained in much more logical and reasonable ways - much the same as the correlation between wearing shorts and eating ice cream! In other words, there is an alternative, underlying reason for both.

Completely unscientifically, I cannot stand the stuff, had a virtually zero-milk based diet growing up and still managed to get MS. And, as an adult, I spent a full year eating absolutely no milk product (even, sob!, chocolate!!!) and it made not one iota’s difference to my MS.

Karen x

OMG…a full year with no chocolate…I think my taste buds would wither away !! Xx

Just completed a year without, just had marshmellows and jelly babies instead :wink:


Like I said at first I am unsure myself what is true or not… I am just gonna go onto soy milk as it is low in fat and high in cal and Vit D :slight_smile:

I know that in India there is evidence of MS and they drink Camels milk, so what to believe, I say I will believe things completely when it has been proven


Just thought I would add that I gave up milk/wheat/processed foods and other dairy products 2 years ago (drink rice milk) and that is when I started to go down hill…coincidence? I don’t know?

I am thinking of seeing someone to see if I am deficient in anything (except sanity which is a given) who also checks for mercury poisoning as apparently that can have an affect.

Maybe clutching at straws but will try anything

Bev x

Hi Must have been co incidence in my case too, Bev !! Which is why I firmly believe that ALL food groups are essential for general health and well being. I felt great whilst eliminating these foods but am fairly certain now, that depriving my body of essential food groups was damaging to my health. Xx

Wow Mrs H That is interesting but I think you are right!! xxx

Bev, l try to follow the Barry Groves eating plan [ similar to Dr Terry Wahls but 40yrs ahead] l try not to eat any grain/bread/cake/biscuits/soya etc - l eat plenty of protein/fat/ vegetables/salad - l find l have far more energy with this. Carbs just make me feel hungrier and sap my energy. l try to grow as much chard and other green veg as poss. Kale and Chard will withstand frosts - and just keep on growing.

l take Chlorella and Spirulina - Chlorella is supposed to ‘chelate’ heavymetal toxins - l had all my mercury fillings removed about 28yrs ago. And it made a big difference to my health/mobility. Before then l could not speak properly - all my words were slurred. Many folk just poo poo the idea - but how does having the second most toxic poison known to man shoved into your teeth good for you. Although mercury is not just in amalgum fillings - its also in vaccinations as well.

l am not sure about milk. Part of me thinks ‘Why would you drink milk that is produced for calves by its mum - or goats - sheep etc.’

Hi Campion

I am really interested in this as I have worked in the fitness industry for more years than I am going to admit and have for the past couple of years been attending courses run by a guy called Phil Richards who advocates everything you have just said, I have only just been diagnosed so not any meds yet (they keep losing my file!!) so I am definitely going to look into these diets

Thank you for sharing x

Bev, lts now 31yrs since l was first diagnosed - and l was never offered any meds - l have kept exercising as much as possible.

l use an eliptical trainer and a healthrider - plus l have a power-plate machine. l try not to sit down much - keep plodding on - although l am having difficulty walking at all now but thats because l have severe arthritic hip/knee/ankle in what was my good leg. This is caused from abnormal wear and tear as l have had to favour this leg to carry my ‘ms leg’ which l have no control of - drop foot - no movement in my toes either - it just flops. l use to do lots of yoga/pilates but even that has become too much now. l am hoping once l have had a total hip-replacement l might regain better mobility. Appointment is for end of April - so fingers crossed. Surgeon has told me l will never be able to ride again afterwards - will see.

l am 65 - so l suppose l would probably have worn out these joints dispite ms.

Originally, l was told not to ‘tire’ myself - and to take it easy. Did l heck - l have always been a hard working active person - and sitting about has never been my way. l did use to compete in Endurance Riding - but now its only occasionally l ride as l am not really very safe with my balance the way it is. As l have got older l have realised that l no longer ‘bounce’ when falling down [or falling off my horse].

l have tried the food combining diet - where you do not eat carbs and protein at the same time. As the stomach has difficulty in digesting them together.

lts finding what suits you. Big believer in not eating processed food. [ls that what they call junk] Make lots of soup - hate tinned or packet varieties.

Best of luck to you with how you decide to go on - l have always felt it best to eat and exercise well to keep ones body in the best possible condition to be able to cope with this disease. ln the last 6yrs - l have kept my vitb 12/vitd3/ levels well up - and l do take LDN which has been a big help to me. Spirulina is supposed to be a superfood - and chlorella - high in most vits/minerals - l have been on it for about 6weeks - lt has helped my overactive bowel - and l have lost over a stone in weight as it does seem to curb my appetite. Hair/skin/nails have improved also. Chlorella does contain a small amount of Estriol - a natural HRT - now recommended for pwms. Google Estriol MS.