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    MILK AND MS. by “Sarah”. Cow Nursing Infant. We have been brought up to believe that we need to drink cow milk in order to have strong bones and healthy

Links that do not work are not worth a read.

Theories as to the best food for neonates have changed over the years. Breast feeding has always been best, but “this” formula, “that” formula, plain milk, goat’s milk, Jersey milk, etc have popped up from time to time as the right thing to do.

Funny that no-one ever asks what the local drinking water contains.

OH, and by the way, this is an MS forum.


*im more than aware this is an MS forum Geoff.*on surfing net, i came across his story and felt i had to share it with all on ms society,obviously i dont know the ins and outs of this interesting story. But today after a 12 month wait, im finally seeing my MS consultant,and will be asking him his views on my findings.

Ive recently had a fair size hit, and have lost use of right arm and parcial right leg, ive been given 500mg a day of methlprednisolone and have found little inprovement in my 5 day coarse?, how long should it take to regain feeling?..

Thanks Lee…

Makes for interesting reading, not a great fan of milk but do drink it i think diet in general makes a great difference to health. Thanks lee Sparkly x


Well worth a read. So is Dr. Perlmutters youtube presentation - ‘Grain Brain’ - as Heather has already posted.And another is Blood Flow &MS Professor Bernhard H J Juurlink - another youtube talk well worth watching.

lts good to be open-minded. And its obvious somewhere along the way we have got ourselves into a rut - and are not eating a suitable diet. The ‘western’ diet is causing many problems - as it spreads around the world. Even the contestants of l’m a Celeb - look far fitter after a gluten free diet - not that l could survive on rice/beans/kangaroo’s anus.

Thank you

I read through this and it was interesting. I was very surprised to read the comments about hostility, until I read the remark about taking ‘dangerous drugs that mask symptoms.’

I think that Professor Jelinek has it about right. There is no one ‘correct’ diet for MS, or drug, or treatment. It isn’t a case of either taking disease modifying drugs or following a diet.

In my case, diet changed my life. I too read Roger McDougall’s account and went gluten and dairy free and yes, my MS symptoms were much better as a result. I also spent 6 months on a raw food diet.

I take Rebif. It stops my relapses, slowing down the rate to one in three years. Professor Jelinek, is or was on Copaxone. We all of us just have to listen with open minds.

Doing well with MS isn’t an either/or situation. It took me six years to get my strength and energy back and I moved to the top end of Spain. Since then, I have gone from housebound (in the UK) to a normal life. I’m learning the violin, can practise for 2 hours a day. I went to my first choir rehearsal in 11 years last week - I’d had to stop in the UK due to cognitive fatigue.

Since changing my diet, I haven’t had cognitive fatigue (except for 2 weeks ago, after 10 days trying to eat more veggies and ran out of steam).

People are hostile when others denigrate their only option to stay well and mobile. Whatever it is. If someone’s found a better way to live, then that’s wonderful - but it doesn’t mean that it’ll work for others.

If I was to suddenly deteriorate, I’d take whatever was offered and accept the risk. Sod it, we only have one life.

I forgot to add that gluten makes my neuropathic pain worse. The bread here is wonderful, but not for me, which is quite sad, as I do love a ‘real’ loaf of bread, baked in a wood-fired oven.

I tried an experiment a few years ago and ate bread every day for a week. At the end of the week, I was unable to walk, as my feet were too painful. I had to take extra amitriptyline and spent a few days in bed. A lesson (for me) well learned.

Just as this experiment showed me that I can’t eat gluten, there’ll be plenty of people here who eat whatever they want. I used to cut out dairy, but I missed yoghourt too much. It hasn’t made any difference to my day-to-day well being.

There’s also lots of interesting info on the Underground Wellness website. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to hear the whole podcast. Heather