I know this is going to sound a bit Twoshoes-esque, but bear with me.

I've been doing a bit of research into inflamatory foods, in particular herbs with inflamatory properties. I've been making sure I get lots of veg etc., but I've also been making sure that I have at least one of either Parsley, Thyme, Basil or Rosemary a day. I have to say that the fingers on my right hand don't feel as stiff and I'm able to shuffle up the bed at night, which I've not been able to do particularly well for eons. I know it's early days but I feel this has made a difference, albeit a small one. I'm also very heat sensitive and have to keep the central heating at 18C otherwise I grind to a halt, but I've noticed it's not taking me as long to recover after meals.

Just thought I'd share this incase it's of use to anyone. I'm also heavily into Whole Cacao Beans, my Christmas treat to myself.



Hi Heather , (and squadge)

Your diets sound interesting - will look into it as my circulation is bad.

I have been watching the food hospital and they have had great success with lots of illnesses just by changing the persons diet.

Keep well, 




That's fascinating, though none of those herbs seems to have a particularly high anti-inflammatory effect on paper, so I wonder what's in them that triggers a positive reaction.


Looking at relative Inflammation Factor Ratings (using the scores devised by nutritionist Monica Reinagel) and throwing in turmeric for comparison, those herbs come up with the following per 100g:


turmeric, ground 22564

basil, dried 536

parsley, dried 469

thyme, dried 400

basil, fresh 171

thyme, fresh 112

rosemary, dried 9

rosemary, fresh  -8 (i.e. mildly inflammatory)


I suggest that 100g of any of those is way more than anyone would consume in one sitting(!), but the figures are easier to compare at this level.


Lolli xx

What an interesting post.   Thanks everyone - l have been watching the Food Hospital - and have found it fascinating. Especially the one with the little lad

who suffered from terrible migraines.  . l do use it quite often in cooking  - shall have to think of more ways of eating it. l know you can get it in capsule form from

simply supplements.   Shall certainly try the cherry juice as l do have terrible insomnia. Will put it on my shopping list right away. Actually, l am going for a curry tonight [more turmeric] and the curry house is next-door to Waitrose - so l will pop in and look for the cherry juice.


Thanks for your replies. I'm amazed to get such positive suggestions - it's really made my day! Will give the turmeric a go, but as I tend to have a sore bladder (Interstitial Cystitis) I tend to avoid anything too hot, spicey or acidic as I can be sore for days afterwards. Also didn't know about the cherry juice.

Thnks again!


Well - l called into waitrose and found the cherry juice - lts called Cherrygood. Then went for a turmeric rich curry - Lamb Jalfezi - lt had lots of whole green chillies

in it. l avoided eating most of them as l was worried about having a 'choking' fit in the restaurant. You know what its like - l like chillies but would rather eat them at home - take out the seeds and chop up small. Not eat them whole. 

Cherrygood - A Rich Source of Antioxydents.  May help to maintain natural health and wellbeing for all the family, aid muscle recovery after sport or exercise and promote restful sleep. As written on carton.

Whilst in the curry house - someone phoned to say they had left their walking stick behind. The waiter came looking for it. He went to take mine - and l had to claim it as mine. They did find the missing one.  SO someone had to use a walking stick to get there - but after their curry they were able to walk out without one - so

thats got to be a miracle. Must have been all that turmeric/cayenne/paprika/ginger/chilli.