Turmeric on Trust me I'm a doctor

Hi gang, anyone see last week’s ‘Trust me I’m a doctor’? (I assume it’s still on iplayer).

They did an interesting trial on the benefits of turmeric & the claims that it can fight against getting cancer. Very interesting and too technical for me to go into, but do watch if you can.

The one thing they did find was that taking turmeric in capsule form as supplement does absolutely nothing. Something must happen to it when used in cooking, they think possibly how it interacts with fats or maybe just heat.

Parts of the world where it’s part of daily diet, eg India, do not have the high cancer rates that we have.

Anyway if you want to try it, as might also help with inflammation, ie MS, you have to use it in food and NOT the capsules. You can basically use it in any food as it hasn’t got a strong taste.

I just bought some on Amazon. Organic, 250g for £7.50 (inc p&p).

Pat xx


Hello Pat, that’s so interesting, Lee does most of our cooking, he loves spicy food and he uses a lot of turmeric. I love his lentil curry it is amazing.

Michelle x


Hello Pat.

I go through loads of turmeric. I think I have the best diet I could possibly have in terms of balance and nutrition. As a result, it gives me some sense of winning a significant part of the battle. I especially love my vegetarian curries; making them is both relaxing and therapeutic. I think I have to renew my turmeric supply every month.

Best wishes, Steve.


Thanks Pat,

I did try the capsules last year but they irritated my bladder so I’m going to try fresh turmeric.

My son uses it by the lorry load so he can give me plenty of tips!

Love Nina x


Hi pat my husband and I take turmeric tea in the morning. Quarter teaspoon of turmeric, half a squeezed lemon and some honey to taste. We both believe it also lifts our mood in some way. Add hot water to thst. Acquired taste but I like it now.



For me turmeric powder seems to work best you don’t have to use much to get the benefit fresh turmeric give the curry a nice flavour but it’s health property is I think not as good

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Thanks Moyna I’ll try that. My turmeric arrived this morning!

Pat xx