Supplments -anyone try Tumeric?

Reading today that it is an anti-inflammatory. Anyone try it?


I’ve heard it’s meant to be good so I add a good load to curries (and also to the rice - makes it look a bit like pilau rice). Can’t say I’ve notice any obvious differenced when I do but there’s no harm in having it. I think you might be able to get turmeric pills so that might be worth looking into.


Hi,I take Turmeric tablets every day,the 400mg ones you get from the local suppliment shop,there about eight qiud a bottle but they nomally have buy one get one free or buy one and get one for a penny offers so I stock up when I see the offers.They’re supposed to be good for slowing the progression of MS and staving off Alzimers too.I’ve been taking them for several years now and I seem to be doing ok.Talk later,Dave.

I tried it for a couple of month and saw no improvment on anything but the yellow finger was murder to get rid off…

All the good stuff would just happen to be flammatory! I dont know how I’d cope without my sugar fix. I got told red meat is bad too :frowning: booo! xx