Turmeric supplements

Hi everyone, this has probably been discussed in detail before but I was wondering if anyone had felt any benefit from taking Turmeric supplements? If so at what kind of dosage? I currently take vitamin D every day - I’ve no idea if it’s helping but being SPMS means no alternatives available from the NHS unfortunately

I have secondary progressive ms. Probably had ms since 1999 but diagnosed in 2005. It’s a crappy condition but I get exercise by going horse riding (for fun and competing in Para Dressage competitions) and even sailing if the weather permits so I’m doing my best to keep positive and keep making happy memories.

Hi I raised this with my MS nurse and she said that Tumeric makes for a strong immune system and with ours attacking our nerves, the last thing we want is a stronger immune system! I’ve been taking vitamin D, cod liver oil and a multi vitamin daily for over 2 years, the only difference I’ve seen is that I’ve managed to dodge every cold my husband has come home with !

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I think Max’s comments make a bit of sense,

A strong and over active immune system could I guess in theory be the last thing we need.

Don’t DMD’s actually dampen down our immune system ?


I have been taking turmeric capsules for about 10 days, today I have had what I call a bad MS day. Also noticed a strange urine odour so I am going to stop taking them and hope to get back to what I call ‘normal’ M x


I also raised this with my MS nurse and she said tumeric was great, mainly for your joints etc. Didn’t mention immune system.

Confusing isn’t it when you’re given conflicting information. I’m unsure as to whether or not to keep taking them now.

Laura x

I’ve taken turmeric capsules for over a year now couldn’t tell you if they are doing any good but obviously not doing me any harm either! They are supposed to help with pain and also a kind of anti bacterial type of thing so I worked on the idea that they might help with urine infections. I am also SPMS but I have never read about it boosting the immune system, might just have missed that somehow. HellMS I’d get that checked out sounds like a UTi to me.

Cheers, FB

I cut it down to one capsule and all seems well it is doing no harm so …

Take care guys and be safe. M