HI all, does anyone take Tumeric ? ive read and heard some good reports on it.



There is a tumeric user group on facebook

There is a tumeric user group on facebook

what the spice?

Baby Spice? Sporty Spice? Posh Spice?Gobby Spice (can’t remember her name!)…the only alternative has to be ‘Ginger Spice’…trying to be amusing at this time a night maybe not at my best :wink:

yes the spice, used a lot in india…

My husband uses it a lot in cooking

Don’t give up your day job

Apparently, it has anit-inflammatory properties?

lol true

Hi there,

Hope I’m not gatecrashing here, as undiagnosed. I am v. interested in natural remedies though. On the curcumin side, I haven’t tried it, but this video shows that various studies have been done that support its efficacy as an antiflammatory alternative to standard drugs.


Owts worth a try …anti inflammatory properties especially…garlics good for keeping colds at bay apparently! I know Blossom what a rubbish attempt, got thrown off the internet so maybe that was a bit of divine intervention!

It works for whitening teeth - strange but true

Maude is that Tumeric that whitens the teeth…is it a hot spicey spice?

Well, I (personally) don’t think tumeric is hot, but yes the spice,you make it into a paste and use like toothpaste. our fist thought would be ‘that must stain your teeth’ but it doesn’t,it has many properties.

l love using turmeric in cooking - and yes l had heard that it has good anti-flammatory properties. The toothpaste idea is new to me - l do buy my ‘spices’ from justingredients - as you can buy larger quantities at a much cheaper price then the supermarkets.

Have seen it in capsule form - l think Simple Supplements.

l do put it in rice with star anise when cooking it - gives a lovely flavour and yellow colour. Especially, in paella - as it is so much more affordable then saffron.

Spacejacket,try theasiancookshop,even if it’s not cheaper,it’s more interesting than online shopping at Tesco, Asda Waitrose etc. I used to get rice and spices from Indian supermarkets when I was a rep, as I had some on my call list anyway…obviously, never told the boss I did my shopping at the same time. lol

Thanks for that maude - will try theasiancookshop. l also like to eat nuts - almonds/brazils/cashews and they are cheaper to buy online.