Hi all

Looked at posts earlier (when i wasn’t logged in) and saw one that suggested half a teaspoon of Turmeric a few times a day as an alternative supplement. I can’t find the post, to ask that person now, but have found similar suggestions (among many others) by Googling. I’m willing to try any natural remedies, particularly when they involve food but how would you use Turmeric unless it’s added to every meal or snack??

Any ideas or has anyone else seen this post so that I can go back and ask?

Thanks x

yeah I’ve seen the tablets and have also started taking Glucosamine (as I seemed to have stiffened up all over, but think that’s due to being off work and not as active as usual). I just wondered if there was an allternative way to take Turmeric, after reading the post about half a tspn I can’t imagine it’ll hold the same enjoyment as a tsp of nutella (which is a guilty pleasure of mine) x

I think a tspn of Nutella does, it improves my mood and guards against devouring a whole bar of fruit and nut or Green and Black’s with cherry which would mean disaster when I want to squeeze into my jeans… well that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it x