anti-inflamitory diet

I seen an article on tv this morning about eating an anti-inflammation diet just wonder if anybody does this and does it help with ms symptoms ?

Jenny x

Hi Jenny,

I have to admit that I didn’t see this article, but Professor George Jelinek in his book ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, an Evidence Based Guide to Recovery’ speaks about much the same. I have (fairly) recently started this diet and am quite hopeful. I hope that this might be of some use to you. Unfortunately tea is supposed to be an inflammation inducing food, and I LOVE tea. Humph.



Hello everyone can someone outline which foods cause inflamation please. I did not see this programe and I will try anything if it may help my symptoms.



Sorry to be a kill joy, but if it was that simple, we’d all be happily munching on ibuprofen or aspirin and be fine.

No harm in trying though I suppose.

Karen x

I did that for over a year with Ibuprofen then you end up being called in by GP for having high levels of potassium

You could try the SWANK diet

Suggest you read ‘Bad Science’ by Ben Goldacre; puts these diets in perspective really.

Still what you have to put in the equation is the old placebo effect; if you think it’s doing you good etc.


I follow an anti inflammatory diet (the Paleo diet). I decided to try it for a month and see how ihard I found it, in the end I found it quite easy so I’m sticking with it. I have no doubt in my mind that it will be good for me in that I eat loads of fresh produce now and no processed food, whether it helps with MS specifically, we’ll never really know as each case is so individual.

I am still on medication, but a good healthy diet certainly can’t hurt, as long as its balanced.

Thanks for all your comments i know its not going to cure my ms and i will stll be on betaferon injuctions but anything that can help must be worth trying. And i would sooner do it by diet not a great fan of taking tablets that i can get away with not taking !!

And yes moira unfortunatly i love tea this will be a great sacrefice.

Jenny x


Sorry to be a kill joy, but if it was that simple, we’d all be happily munching on ibuprofen or aspirin and be fine.

No harm in trying though I suppose.

Karen x

[/quote] Haha love the humour xx Maria.


I’ve just started reading a book called “Deadly Harvest” by Geoff Bond which I’m finding really good. I started the Best Bet Diet back in Feb 2008 and did really well but lost loads of weight, so was ordered by my dietician to start eating various foods again and I’ve gone downhill ever since. Although I still keep to the BBD, I’ve been eating far too much red, fatty and processed meat and my fatigue has gone through the roof. This book is showing me how to do it properly.

Definitely worth a read.


I have George Jelinek’s book and although I’m not following his advice to the letter, i have cut out red meat totally - this has made a small difference to my energy levels, I think I’ve got more energy. Certainly when I ate just a little red meat a while ago (a plate of stovies), I was wiped for about a week. So I’m going to keep not eating the red meat - sometimes I could really go a steak though, fillet, medium to well done, pepper cream sauce, fat chips and onion rings on the side. But, alas, it is not to be!

L x

Isn’t this just another slight variation on the basic eat plenty of fruit and veg and not so much over processed foods which we’ve all heard before?

back George’s recommnedation of this book. I listened to it as an audiobook and it’s one of the best wriiten and read non-fiction boks I’ve ‘read’ in ages.

Hello there, I have recently bought/read George Jelinek’s book which I found interesting and encouraging. I am now seriously modifying my diet - this is the first month. I have been a veggie for years, but have now given up my all-time favourite - cheese and chocolate and even eggs! I used to eat cheese all the time, as part of main meals and as snacks - now, on reading this book I wonder if I only have myself to blame for my MS being as bad as it is.

I am now focussing on a mostly vegan diet, with lots of healthy fruit/veg. and fish and polyunsaturated oils. I have also started taking VIT. D this week.

I have not yet given up coffee/tea, but suppose I would find the will-power if I had to. I must admit I do feel hungry, because there is so little I can eat/snack on. Good for waistline.

Tonight I am going to have minestrone soup/French bread and tuna/prawn rissotto (and a glass or two of wine).

As the doctors are not offering me any help or treatment, I am going to try to take control for myself and if I can, at least hold back on the advance of my SP MS!

I thought Jelinek’s explanations of the science made good sense, but am at an early stage, and probably need to read more about it all. But thought it worth a try.

take care


Interesting, I have been reading up on this today too. I have read that Tumeric is supposed to anti-inflammatory and I am going to get some supplements.

My husband who has SP, has tried the best bet diet, but he also lost a lot of weight and was even more unwell so he came off it. However I am wondering if inflamation generally is caused by diet. The Food Hospital programme on TV has got me re-thinking the impact of food on health generally. However as there is no ££ in it, no one is going to do the research.

I have been on the Jelinek/Swank diet for the last 14 months and even though I have some sensory residual symptoms from my last relapse which was in March-April 2010, I haven’t had a relapse since and feel quite good in general. It is not easy, but I follow all the advice in that book to the letter. I think the main benefit (other than the obvious health benefits of eating loads of vegetables, fruit and fish) is the control I feel I have over my condition.

I agree its the having the control that in itself that is so powerful!

Given Jelinek or equivalents won’t do anyone harm and might do some good. I’ve been on it for 2 years, have had a bit of a wobble on the diet in the last few months and, but it brought me a whole new lease of life.

Hi all, I am 26 years old, 5 foot 8, size 10 clothes (weight loss since October last year where I weighed 12 stone 3, I now weigh 10 stone 8). 2 ish years ago I had an episode of optic neuritis and then an MRI which showed 5 pockets of fluid on my brain. Fast forward to February 2018 I had another scan which then showed 10 pockets of fluid. Since April 14th 2018 I have implemented a strict Anti inflammatory diet with 6 1 intermittent fasting (one day a week at random). Diet includes - Meat once a month as a treat Eggs and cheese once a week as a treat Red wine - up to 2 glasses only on a night out Anti inflammatory diet with Mediterranean influences, lots of oily fish. Extra virgin olive oil imported from Greece with high level of Polyphenols. I am being so strict but it doesn’t feel difficult as I know the end result. I have lost weight because of it. I also go to the gym 4 times a week as I am into fitness. I have always been into fitness so this is all not hard for me. Holidays regularly and getting as much Vit D as I can. Also taking multivitamins. 2000 Vit D daily, cod liver oil etc. My next follow up MRI is scheduled for November. I have read so much research on how the Anti inflammatory diet worked for so many where they have had no symptoms and have lived a full healthy life. The fact that I am incorporating it whilst I am young is a good too I think. Can anyone else shed light on whether any of these work. I will be expecting to see only see 1 or 2 new pockets (or none) of fluid in November with my follow up scan as this will show that it does work. I will update in November

If you type in Anti inflammatory diet into google and look at the google images it shows you some nice handy guidance photos for those who asked on this post. There’s also a lot written on google searches - there are many posts