Had my neurology appointment today (it was brought forward).

lots of “Hmm’s” from the neurologist.

it was a very detailed consultation , he asked me to walk, try to balance on my heels, then tip toes, then looked into the back of my eyes and more “hmm’s”, then reflexes were done, apparently i have hyper reflexes?? then used a tuning fork and got more “hmm’s” no idea what that means, but hes put me down for an urgent MRI brain scan. in the mean time more of my body has gone numb and tingly, and sometimes burning pain, can no longer hold a pen to write and still getting painful spasms. feel absolutely exhausted. and stressed out.

any thoughts?

Hi Laine,

This will give you some idea of the tests Hmm is a very technical term.


Is it just a brain scan? I would push for a full spine too as problems can show there and a delay in seeing any troubles you may have will stress you even more/. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

I hope you feel better and i wish you well x

Thank you both for your replies,

when he said urgent scan he must have meant it im having my mri on sunday 28th May at 0845.

meanwhile, have noticed new stuff.

when i stand from sitting i “wobble” its like a shudder that i cannot control and my legs feel weak i now hold onto something when i stand until my body sorts itself out so i can walk.

still getting the tight band feeling around my middle but more painfully.

my feet are now tingling, and my numb hands and arms “feel constantly cold” when it fact if placed to my face they are normal temperature, its all very weird. they then feel like they are burning! and if im washing up the water no matter how cool feels too hot

i dont think there is much of my body unaffected by numbness at the moment and its quite scary, i live alone being widowed, and don’t feel able to tell my two adult kids just how scared i am.


I’m afraid that no one here can tell you what your diagnosis could be. It would be irresponsible, dangerous and stupid.

I understand that you are feeling protective by not telling your kids, but if they really loved their Mum wouldn’t they want to be able to show her they can look after you too?

Best wishes,


Hi John

and ty for your reply.

My Kids stance has always been “you’ve battled on so far” and “you’ve proved drs wrong before”. y’see… its almost like i was misdiagnosed years ago after back surgery. i was told i would probably never walk again to which my reply was “watch me” 3 years later i was walking!.

i’ve always been pretty determined generally. but this has me totally baffled n quaking in my boots, (well slippers today).

for more years than i care to recall ive had some pretty weird stuff going on and dismissed it all until last november, when after yet another fall for no reason my hand started to go numb, since then its been a topsey turvey downward slope.

luckily i am left handed, because my right arm no longer lifts, and the spasms are awful, but i have had to give up my one love… golf.

what a thing to shed tears over eh?

i’m “plodding onward.” managing as best i can for now, but have had to modify cooking , cleaning etc, because after all what is “normal”?

most of whats happening kinda defies description, numb but not “numb” lightning bolts shooting through the body,

changes in my whole world. and pain… well ive lived with pain for years but its pretty nasty just now.

Scary stuff. will keep you updated… ty for your words x

Hi, that really is a good description of how a lot of us feel… numb but not numb, lightning bolts shooting through the body.

It is scary, I feel scared of the unknown at the moment. x