Hello. I have just literally registered as I am worried that I have symptoms of MS.

I have had this weird spaced out/foggy head feeling for the last 3 weeks. It came about from nowhere. I have had these ‘attacks’ for over 10 years - they seem to happen once or twice a year and last for 2/3 weeks but this one is taking longer to go. I am really very anxious on what I can do, the Dr does not really take me seriously and keeps prescribing nose sprays and hay fever tablets, these do nothing.

Today I struggled writing for the first time, and even whilst typing this I am making a lot of spelling mistakes. When I speak to someone face to face or over the phone I don’t always hear what they are saying, miss it or can’t process it. I really feel incredibly stupid and slow. I feel as if though all my senses have slowed down. I can’t properly taste, smell, touch, perceive space around me.

I have a fullness and ringing in the ears, neck ache, puffy eyes and just don’t feel myself. It’s like I am awake but in a dream/drunk. I very rarely drink, and never to an excess.

Whoever I speak to says I am speaking normally, but I know I am not feeling myself. I am having difficulty driving and concentrating at work.

I keep self doubting myself and feel as if though I have wet myself or soiled myself - when I check there is nothing. It really feels like I am going mental and I just want to get back to being me.

I would appreciate some advice as to how I go about sorting this out. Please can you help.

Hello, I had all these kinds of symptoms last month and i thought I was having a relapse. Turned out that wasn’t the case and I had anxiety. A small change to my medication to get the anxiety in check and all my symptoms disappeared! I’m not saying you definitely have anxiety but it might be worth seeing a different go and discussing your symptoms again. Also, have you ever looked into Candida overgrowth symptoms? They can mimick MS. Hope you feel better soon x

*different GP

Thank you. No I have never looked at anxiety. What medicine are you on? My ears are ringing all the time too.

I take escitalopram for depression and olanzapine (a very very small dose) for anxiety. But google Candida symptoms and see if any of them seem familiar. X

Hello Lisa How are you? How are you feeling? I’m still not feeling better, it feels like my head is blocked up. I am struggling on a day to day basis but everyone is saying that I am fine! I certainly do not feel it. I made an appt with the Dr for Monday morning, how do I get him to take me seriously? I just want to get better. I started a new job three weeks ago and have been feeling like this since the first day. Should I just ask him to give him the two meds you take? I can’t see my life getting any better and it’s making me feel awful.

Try getting a blood test for thyroid defficiency. Badger the GP. It would explain some (not all) of the symptoms.

Thank you for the message. I already take med for an under active thyroid, however or long ago I had a blood test and my level was fine.

I forgot to mention, a few days before I started feeling like this I did faint after doing some Building work in the heat, but I think that was down to not eating and low sugar levels. Don’t think the two are related.