What's going on?

I wish I could know which is responsible for my symptoms, ms or anxiety ? I keep trying different ways to manage neuralgia, headaches, eye aches, neck pain, muscle stiffness, post nasal catarrh , swallowing unease, extreme tiredness, sleep problems, terrible anxiety and increasing depression due to weight gain and seriously negative body image. Any advice gratefully received, have been like this nearly two years now, although no motor damage , am mentally sinking fast.

try meditation. i just started a course on mindfulness meditation for pain relief.

if nothing else, it helps me sleep.

carole x


i agree with carol-have been doing it nearly 3 years now-def helps looks at the the world and self in a more constructive way. i have recently stopped my night time medication. its not a quick fix but well worth the effort-i think.

ellie x

oops-sorry carole (heres your e!)

ellie x

I think I can understand where you are coming from. I have had acute anxiety and depression for almost ten years and recieve medication (quetiapine, venlafaxine, mirtazipine, diazepam) and use numerous CBT techniques, I also attend counselling. I was dx with MS 5 years ago and my neuro was muttered that there may be a link between the conditions but nothing definite.

I experience both motor and sensory symptoms and to be honest I find the sensory ones are the hardest to deal with as I feel I have to question whether they are caused by the MS or anxiety, or something else completely, or because I worry so much about everything is it all just in my imagination. I had ON and for 3 weeks noticed a rapid decline in my eyesight out of one eye, I told no one as I thought it was in my head but was constantly/obsessively comparing the vision between my eyes, which as you can imagine just led to increasing the anxiety levels. I finally spoke to my CPN apologising as I said that I was experiencing this but knew it was probably in my imagination, thankfully she ignored that and took me to optician where it could be seen that there was the disc was pale and I felt that now I was able to vocalise my symptoms because I felt they had now been verified - I was diagnosed a couple of days later. That’s just one example of many…

Realise I haven’t been able to give you any advice, just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone.

Take care, Carrie

Thanx all of you for helpful caring comments, always makes me feel better when I have the confidence to post on here x