What's ms n what's anxiety?

Know from MRI that have lesions mainly corpus collosum n not too advanced but confused as to symptoms and not sure which are ms and which might be just anxiety. Had breakdown? and persistent anxiety is being treated, never had motor symptoms but have sensory head symptoms on and off all the time, ? associated with anxiety root cause. These r what they are, they are all intermittent over 2-3 days, sinus pain, eye pain but no visual disturbance, ear sensations, very occasional vertigo when payed down, tension headache, buzzing/faint trembling inside head/mouth, neck stiffness and hunched shoulders, pain in mid back like pulled muscles, muscle spasm?/stiffness all through back bottom and hips and right leg, very uncomfortable at times.severe fatigue at least once in 24hrs , unpredicatable and variable in extent, triggered by heat n cold as well as exertion, sleep problems, irritable bladder and constant anxiety. All sounds bad but am not overwhelmed with it, just awful to manage. Am taking amitryptilline, propranolol and supps vit d and b12 injs. I would love some ideas n advice about ms v anxiety or both, am starting some cbt and poss anti deps. Just want to get into remission then can think straight, gone on for year on n off, worried might be progressive now, seeing ms nurse n cons in feb.

Hi, just a quicky re anxiety. Looking back I think I’ve always been an anxious person. A few months ago it all came to a head and I felt like something bad was going to happen constantly. I spoke to my GP about it and he put me on 20mg of citalopram, after a month things improved but I wasn’t completed sorted. Then he doubled it. I honestly feel as though it has changed my life. I would urge you to speak to your GP asap. Good luck, Suz xx