Help with Utilities

Have been told that the Australian MS soc, have got their government to ensure that the utilities give the same heating concessions to the disabled as they do to pensioners. They are also now lobbying for the government to give special concessions for the summer as well as they will need to use air conditioning.

I know some utilities here allow special tariffs for the disabled but not all. Wondered if our MS soc could do the same. ?

What do you think.


yes, t`would be luvly!

luv Pollx

Hi Sandra,

I think it would be a very good idea, considering we are all living in fear of being cold, hungry and homeless!

Thanks for that,



Think you should have highlighted help in Oz S.

Hope more read this, as its very interesting and goes to show other countries charities are helping fight an unfairness - which exists here right now.