eco 3????

Does anyone know anything about a government initiative called eco 3 which provides loft insulation and replacement boilers etc for people on certain benefits?

Someone came to the door yesterday offering this service. I told him I couldn’t stand at the door and talk for long. He was insistent that we had to save the polar bears and penguins. I had to cut the conversation short and he left without giving me a leaflet or anything.

I did a bit of searching online to see if it was genuine and it seems to be a proper scheme. However I can’t find anything that says how to access it.

I was just wondering if anyone had used it or had any thoughts about it.



Not sure what the name of the scheme is, but if you’re on certain benefits you are entitled to things like loft insulation, new boilers ect…

I know because my sister, who also has MS has had the exact items put into her house in the last 12 months, plus hand rails internal and external.

Might be a good idea to speak with your council, doesn’t matter if you own your own home, I think they do some some of disability grant ?

Might be called something like “Home Care” ?