Bedroom tax, not MS but it could be!!

Hi folks

I listened to ‘In touch’ the radio programme on radio 4, with information for the blind or partially sighted and heard that a blind barrister represented himself in a recent case and won, defending the fact that his spare room was used to store the equipment he needed to help with his disability. Apparently the work and pensions people are to appeal the decision, I suppose they will have to, otherwise they may lose many other cases.

A little sprig of hope in an otherwise desparate state of affairs.

I am not in this position myself but do feel for other disabled people who are in this predicament.

I agree, I’m still working and intend to keep doing so but recently put our names down for a council property as I don’t know how my husband could cope with our private rent on his own if I couldn’t work at all. I’m scared stiff we’ll be offered a one bed place tho - my sinuses are a mess (on the MRI I was more freaked by that than my whopping lesion!) but what with the amitriptyline and baclofen, well I sleep like he dead BUT snore like a monster, so we frequently do sleep in diff rooms :frowning:

Sonia x

Hi, one of my carer`s son in law (separated from her daughter) has been rediculously affected by the bedroom tax.

He has custody of the 2 children, who are aged 2 and 6 and he was living in a rented house with 3 bedrooms. He struggled to pay for decorating it and kitting it out, but he made the place lovely. Now he has to move to a 2 bed house and in a few years, he`ll have to move to a 3 bed again. Isnt this the most stupid law?