Advice needed on bedroom tax

Hi has anyone on here been affected by this dreadful tax? I am so upset I go to bed thinking about it and its the first thing on my mind when I wake up. My husband has primary progressive ms and we have a 4/5 bedroomed house fully adapted downstairs wet room n bedroom. Applied for discretionary housing payment. This was refused because dla taken as an income I have appealed n three weeks down the line till waiting. I can no longer afford to have the car jet washed windows cleaned or the garden done. I have to do this all on my own. My eldest children have moved out and working away, my daughter is five months pregnant with her own home ( she does as much as she can with a two year old as well) he hubby is self employed working every hour he can and my youngest lad(11) does what he can. Sorry for the whinging but really not coping with this as well as seeing my hubby get worse day by day.

Hi Anon, it’s a terrible thing but I’m not sure if there’s any way round it.

It might be worth seeing someone from CAB (local phone book or library for number)… but from what I understand it’s very difficult to get out of.

Have you said that your husband and you have to sleep in separate room because of his ppms? That could take one more room out of the count.

I can understand how upsetting it is… suggest CAB and see what they say.

Pat x