Need help as I'm struggling

Hi. So my fiance has been diagnosed last year. Since then he has not worked and I’ve taken over the financial situation. But it’s running thin now. I’m working every day and I’m starting to run on empty. I’ve gone through every benefit possible but it’s always come back as denied. We want to have kids and all I can think is we can’t because who’s going to pay for it all? We’ve been together 10 years now. I know he’s the one. But right now I just need some help to pay for bills. He’s still technically employed and going through being dismissed on medical terms. I just need help. We want to live out and get our own place but I can’t do that with him right now. The banks are saying just in my income I would need over £23000! My income a month is like £1200. But by the end of bills im only left with about £180. Please if anyone knows how to help please let me know! Thank you for letting me rant. I refuse to be negative around him.

If he’s still technically employed, but not being paid, at least he should be able to get Statutory Sickness Pay. And once he’s formally unemployed, he should be able to claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). See Sick or disabled people and carers - Citizens Advice And depending on his level of disability, he might be able to claim PIP.

Otherwise, why not try to get some advice from the CAB? They’ll have people who are able to advise not just on state benefits, but on other areas of your life including council aided assistance.

Maybe there is a Shared Ownership housing scheme in your area for which you could qualify? That way, you’d have your own house, but be able to afford the mortgage side and perhaps claim housing benefit for the rental part.

There’s honestly no need to apologise for ranting a bit. Life is just not fair when one member of a couple is diagnosed with MS. You are clearly very lucky to have each other, but sometimes you perhaps need to be able to lean on him too. Just because we have MS, doesn’t mean we don’t also share responsibility for our lives together. It’s not the same as blaming him for your money worries. It’s just allowing him to sharing all your joint aspects of life. And you never know, so long as he knows you’re there for him, he might have some thoughts about how to move forward.

Best of luck.