Council Tax

I don’t know if you are aware; I was not; but I’ve just received a letter from my Council saying the Government has told all Councils that all Council Tax Benefit is to be removed.

For me that means a single person occupancy 25% REMOVED

Dropping a band for being disabled REMOVED

Ho de hum


I may be wrong, but don’t think the single occupancy discount is a “council tax benefit”. Does your letter state otherwise?

Also, although it has been mooted, I’m pretty sure it’s a decision for individual councils, NOT for central government, so they’re being a bit naughty if they’re doing this, but trying to pass it off as “out of their hands”.

Oops - I should say that I’m not sure being in a lower band for being disabled is a Council Tax Benefit, either.

I think “Council Tax Benefit” refers to THE benefit called that. If you’re not on CTB, it won’t affect you.

Oh this is worrying. I have been receiving a discount under the disabled criteria, for having an extra adapted shower room just for me.

I`ve not had a letter about it being removed. Mmm?

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I know Leeds City Council are toying with the idea of removing council tax benefit for all except low income families/those with disabled child and only those with severe disability premium are still going to get full council tax benefit.

Im bothered about it too, because it will mean another £20+ to pay out and then there is this PIP to jump through hoops for.

(wish we all could but we cant)!



Some people on Housing Benefit get Council Tax Benefit as well, meaning they don’t pay Council Tax or pay very little - I think they only mean this. You should, hopefully, be fine - x

Think they are gonna call it Council Tax Support

Hi, as far as I’m aware, single person discount is NOT being stopped. The local councils all have different systems being set up. In Cornwall, they are making everyone pay a minimum of 30% of their council tax, this means that people will longer be entitled to full council tax benefit. Every council is different though. If you are unsure of the changes in your area, ring your local council and ask them to explain it to you, hope this helps, love Bex xxx