council rates/tax

Hi All, has anyone applied for a council rates reduction ? just received an increase from them bless em! maybe they might sort the pot holes out or cut the grass verge NOT…


Do you mean the Disability reduction or Council Tax Reduction (means tested)?

The disabled reduction is granted to those people who use a wheelchair inside the house, or who have an extra room in their house purely as a result of their disability.

The reduction is worked out by the council just charging you for the Council Tax Band below the one your property is rated at. So if your property is placed in Band C, you would be charged for Band B. If you are already in the lowest band (A), the discount is one sixth of the Tax normally due for that property. Have a look at Council tax/ Rate relief - Carers UK

Council Tax Benefit (now called Council Tax Reduction) of course is different, it’s a means tested benefit, you’d need to look at your specific local authority’s website to see the rules applicable. See Apply for Council Tax Reduction - GOV.UK for more information.


Thanks sue, I use a chair around the house and when I can I use two sticks, just had a wet room built self funding, I will take a look at the links thanks for that and see what I am entitled to. regards…Tony.

Definitely phone the council. Tell them you use a wheelchair round the house. You don’t need to say 100% of the time, just don’t mention that you sometimes don’t. You can ask for it to be backdated to last April and get the extra knocked off this year’s bill!! Unless they are total council jobsworths, they usually will backdate. (I used to work for a local authority so I know the jobsworths exist, but for some reason the Council Tax discounts people tend to be quite nice.


Thanks sue… Tony…