Council tax reduction

I’ve applied for a reduction in council tax, and have been visited by a charming young man who came to inspect the bungalow to ensure it is possible to use a wheelchair indoors. He was very complimentary about my new ramp too. Anyway, he’s going to recommend the reduction as of 10th May which was the first time I used the wheelchair indoors. The bill should be reduced to the next band down which he says is around nine percent. Every little helps! (As said by the man who p’d in the sea! - sorry!)

i can only hope my PIP claim goes as smoothly!

Can I ask what was the reduction actually for and was the man who came from the council or from the department (whoever that is) who set the council tax bands? I ask as I have an issue with my banding and when I contacted the council regarding this they gave me a number to contact and said they (the council) do not deal with the banding.

Jan x

I believe the rule is if you are disabled and your house is adapted in some way due to your disability (e.g. ramps, hoists, wet room) the you are entitled to a 1 band reduction in council tax.


I was looking at the Council Tax Bill and noticed something which said if you had a disability you may be entitled to a reduction in council tax. I rang the number given which was a direct dial number for the council tax office. I was told I would have to complete a form and that if I fitted the criteria someone would visit to check the property to ensure there was enough room to use a wheelchair indoors. Apparently in this area the reduction is because you need to use a wheelchair in the home.

The young man told me I would get an amended bill showing the new amount. The Tax band on the property remains the same but as long as I live here the bill will be reduced to the charge of the next band down, he said it would be roughly nine percent. My optimistic OH thought it might be twenty five percent! I don’t know what they’d do if the property was in the lowest band already.

I can’t help you as to who sets the band I’m afraid. When chatting to his young man he said he inspects new properties to see that they are ready to be habitable to be brought into council tax, but it didn’t sound like he set the band. I’ve no idea what body might do that. Sorry.

The basic rules for a disabled reduction from Council Tax are:

  • if you need an extra room in your house because of a disability (this could be eg a bedroom for a carer, a downstairs bathroom in addition to an upstairs one, a room for kidney dialysis, or an extra room for some other reason. They include an extra kitchen in this category but I can’t think what for, unless you have someone who is very sensitive to certain normal food ingredients, such as severe coeliac disease)

  • or if a disabled person uses a wheelchair in the house (so might need wider doorways, more space, etc)

And a disabled person lives in the property as their main home, you will qualify for a reduction in Council Tax to the band beneath the one your house is currently rated at. If your property is already in Band A, the lowest band, you get a percentage reduction, I think it might be something like one sixth of the charge (or thereabouts).

your property has to be inspected to ensure it fits the criteria, but it’s really very straightforward, an officer just come to look at the house and then will arrange the reduction.

Each year you then get sent a form to complete to ensure you still qualify, but that’s it.

Its worth claiming if you think you might fit the criteria, just contact your local Council or check their website if you don’t still have all the leaflets sent with your Council Tax bill.


So if the reduction’s as of May 1st, and you’ve already paid the higher amount, you’ll get credited with the extra that you’ve paid, yes?

It is the Valuation Office Agency that set the bands, we got ours reduced last year

Thanks for reminding me of the title, I did get in touch with them but didn’t get any joy.

Jan x

Oh thanks for sharing this i didnt know about it. I use my wheelchair sometimes in doors I have large wide doorways so it fits, and a ramp which you can pick up or put down. I also have a wet room, and we are applying for a grant for a stairlift, we have got through the 2nd part of that my GP has approved my application, so now waiting for another visit. We want to adapt this house as its large inside, even though i would be better off in a smaller bungalow. We have been here 22 years and its ours now.

I am going to apply. Thanks again.

Hope your PIP goes smoothly. x

Yes, you’ll be credited from the date they accept as the start of you pr fulfilling the criteria. I doubt they’d be keen to backdate several years but within the same financial year I should imagine would be ok. It may depend on your local council, and if you want them to backdate the discount further you may need doctors evidence of your meeting their criteria. Oh and a reason why you failed to apply sooner. The trouble is that very few of us, me included, read all the extra pages sent out with the council tax bills. Too aghast at the monthly charge maybe!!

Hi, we had a separate bathroom for me downstairs and another upstairs. So as my needs were met by a separate bathroom,we qualified for the discount.

Every year I am asked to declare I still need the facility.

It takes about £100 off our rates bill so it is worth it.

I didnt know it was also available to anyone who uses a wheelchair indoors.

Good to know.

it is often the case that we dont know about such stuff until we read it here.