Help understanding MRI letter

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Hi all

Does anybody have any thoughts / views on the attached letter?

Worried and confused

Where do you live?
Who ordered the MRI?
It would be inappropriate and probably unhelpful for anyone to help you understand this. You need to go back to who requested the scan. The radiologist (the doctor in charge of the scan) in the U.K. may make observations but normally a Neurologist will interpret with reference to a physical examination and a full medical history.
An MRI scan on its own is of limited value as artefacts do not correlate well with symptoms.
If used on their own MRIs are a major cause of anxiety as a lot of us have anomalies that may never cause as a problem but the radiologist is duty bound to report.
An MRI is a tool not a solution.

Thank you for your reply.

I am in the Uk it started with a numb face, damage to the TN first doctor thought.

Thought the letter today would be an appointment

Seems odd that you should get a letter written like that. It sounds like someone has chased something up and left out the middle man.

You need to have, meet with, a conversation with the medic that referred you.

Where you expecting a follow up letter?


I was waiting for an appointment with the hospital.

I was told via doctor that a team at the hospital need to review the MRI.

Hi TeddyBear, That is interesting, your MRI was certainly reviewed, do you think the letter should have gone to your doctor? :thinking:


It was addressed to my doctor and copied to me.

So is the next step to speak with your doctor?

When i spoke to my doctor on Monday she too thought we were waiting for an hospital appointment.

Not sure what my doctor my do.

One she would not have send me for MRI in the first place. She thinks this problem is a one off one of them things.

At my age 57 she said most people will have things on MRI.

The MRi is showing damage round the TN area and the numbness and coldness of face is confirming this.

The letter does say other lesions i would like to know where this are and age.
Two my doctor retires on the15 june.

I am right in recalling it was a different doctor at the surgery who referred you for an MRI? If your doctor who you spoke to is retiring, can you not speak with the referring doctor?

As an expert discussion is required to fully understand what the letter means, it might be useful to ring/email the PALs at the hospital explain you have received a letter that has raised concerns and ask where you are in the system.

Ideally you need a neurologist name, that way you may be able to ring to say that you are happy with a cancellation.

Not sue if I have helped or hindered. I hope you get to the bottom of what is going on soon :blush:

I have not been too happy with other doctors at my practice. Although the first doctor did get me in very quick for a MRI.

She was just very unsure and even asked me to read information on screen to see if i thought it was TN. As i have no pain just numbness i was very unsure.

Just finishing a course of steriods overall i do feel better but hard to tell if other things are side effects or other things happening.