CT letter

Hi everyone,

In a previous post I said that I had had an abnormal CT scan 15 years ago but it hadn't been followed up. I have been chasing it but found out the actual scan had been destroyed so tried to get the report.

My doctors have given me the letter that the neuro sent my then GP that just states that an area of abnormality had been found and was reported as an infarct. (just realised it says the mr study, is this the same as an MRI?)

Does anyone know if the radiographers report would be sent to the GP as well or would it just be this letter? Not sure if it's worth taking to the neuro.

It also says its definitely not epilepsy on the strength of one EEG!!! (He was wrong there!)

Hi Nikkinakkinoo, I think only the letter is sent to GP... and I think an 'mr study' must mean MRI. 

Definitely show the copy of letter to neuro. They should now do another MRI now. 

Pat x

Thanks Pat. It's my appointment on Monday so will take it with me


MR is the same as MRI (the I stands for Imaging).

The GP would normally only receive the letter. Definitely take it to the neuro appointment.

Karen x

hi Hun…I have had probs too with old scans…and as rizzo says usually a letter is sent to gp from consultant…I have managed to get hold of original MRI reports which I think are useful…but even those are being destroyed…I am furious as if later in life drs need this info and reports they don’t have it…as a comparison , even though most will order new tests…I may write to my mp on this because it’s not right and surely the cost of a phone call or letter to a. patient asking if they would like this data is cheaper than what it costs the nhs to transport all the data to be destroyed?
I would take any info you can to the. neuro…so they can get an idea of things…
good luck Hun…x

Thanks for the replies I will definitely take the letter.
Scoobie it does seem daft that we don’t get the option to keep it!