Previous MRI

I had an mri 4 years ago in relation to my epilepsy. Is the neuro likely to consult this or compare it with any new one he may order?

Also about 20 years ago I had a ct scan, I know they weren't as good then but the neuro then said there was an infarct(?) on it but it was probably migrane that was causing the headaches and right sided weakness that made my doctor request on.

Now I'm wondering if it's all linked.

Does anyone know if I would still be able to get hold of a copy of it?



I think you might stuggle to get a copy of something from 20 years ago, but in theory all you need to do is phone the imaging unit where you had it done and ask for it. You will probably have to pay something though.

If the MRI 4 years ago was done at the same hospital as this time then the neuro should be able to access it very easily - they are all held on the computer system and I wouldn't have thought it would have been archived yet. Make sure and tell him of course so he knows to look for it.

Actually, the neuro may be happy to request a copy of the CT scan so you don't have to pay anything - worth asking.

Karen x

Thanks for the advice Karen. I did think it was a bit optimistic that the older one was still around!

Yes the previous mri was done at the same place I'm going to now. Should I ring his secretary just to let him know that its there?

Thanks again


hi if you can’t get a copy of the older scan you should still be able to get a copy of the radiographers report. I had probs getting an MRI scan from 94 and it seems they detroyed it …without giving the patient the option of having it…surely cheaper to post it to patient than destroy
is likely the consultant would find and prev scans etc useful…

Hi em thanks I will give them a ring tomorrow. Didnt think about the actual report


Yep, I’d phone. And if you’re not convinced the message got through, you can always send a letter too.

Karen x

What a day!!! I phoned my neuros secretary to mention the previous mri and she was a bit stroppy. She said well it will be with your notes so I’m sure he will be able to manage to find it.

As for the ct scan. I phoned the neuro department who couldn’t find me and sent me to medical records. They told me they couldn’t help and told me to contact access to health. The lady there was really helpful and said she would do what she could and ring back. She did but hadn’t found anything.

She then suddenly said have you tried your gp. Durrr I never even thought about that! They rekon it will be in my paper notes and it will cost me £25 whether they find it or not so its just wait!!