Question about mri

Hi i have my brain and neck mri on sat morning ,Does anyone know if i can ask for a cd of the mri ? I just want a copy because if i see other doctors or iam being investigated again, i dont want to be kept going through mri’s as new docs don t have results of previous ones .


Hi Destiny,

Yes, shouldn’t be a problem. They may make a small charge, but I don’t think it’s allowed to be more than about a tenner.

I got mine free, but that was BUPA (although I’m surprised they did anything for free, as it’s a commercial organisation).

I don’t know if it’s a BUPA only thing, but I was told at the time the guidelines had changed, so that I was supposed to have a copy. This makes it easier if you’re ever under the care of a different hospital in future - or even in another country. You can present them with your MRI evidence.


Ty for replying Tina , I have that exact problem , have been referred to new hospital and they don t have a copy of the scan i had last year .so will have to have a new one done .

So thought if i get a copy of the scan it will make things easier in the furure .

I think you can get a copy, but to be honest the consultant Neurologist who I saw privately for diagnosis, and who subsequently refered me back to the NHS after confirmation of diagnosis said that the NHS Neurologist would probably want another scan anyway as I would be coming in as a new patient to him. And he was right, I have a scan scheduled for the end of June. Still good to have these anyway I think. I am out of the country at the moment and had a bit of a wobble the other week and needed another MRI scan here so it seems when ever you see a new Doctor he wants his own MRI scan as a basline. I actually have about 20 A3 size photographs of the MRI, which mean nothing to me, and a copy of the CD, which won’t open on my computer, but at least I will have some additional information for the Neurologist when I see him in June, gives him some documented history I suppose, and something to compare his MRI with.

You are entitled to a copy of your MRI, but they can make an admin charge. It is typically about £20. This covers the cost of the CD and their time, but also the licence fee they pay for the software that they have to load on the CD (and probably a profit too). GF: if you have a CD with only the image files, but no software, you could try downloading a piece of free software called MRIcron (I think it still exists - I used to use it). It will let you convert and view MR images. Karen x