MRI Scans on CD

Hello everyone.

I am sure I saw a post quite recetly where someone had got a copy of their MRI scan on a CD. I really want a copy of mine - I am not sure why, I just do! I have seen my scans before when I am with the doc but I have never had a copy myself.

If you do have one - can you tell me how you got it please?  I dont really want to ring my MS nurse and ask her as I know she is completly overloaded at the moment - she may not appreciate my request if it causes her more work!!!


Thanking you muchly.




I got mine from the records dept at my hospital.  They generally send you out a form and you have to pay a fee.  I paid £10.  And then I got my report and images on CD.  I thought mine was pretty cool and posted the images n facebook!!  



Hi Hayley,

Here In N.Ireland I rang the Governance Office and they sent me an email with a form to fill in I printed it of filled it in  and sent it back to them along with £10 I got all my MRI's 7cd's 1 for every MRI I've done to date along with the reports for each one.

I could of got all my medical records form when I was born but I was just after my MRI's.

Its the law and they cant refuse you them you my have to go into the hospital to see all your medical records I my case there would be way to much to copy :)

Mark x