can I request my brain MRI from the GP to take to the neuro?

can I request my brain MRI from the GP to take to the neuro?

The gp was the one that ordered it and he has the report. My reason for asking this is that I know there were 4 lessions but my latest neuro is under the impression that theres only 1 so I thought if i take the report then that would save me explaining.

Can I request it?

Only got tomorrow to do it.

Mandymoo x

Hi Mandy,

You could ask, but I wouldn’t have thought your GP has the actual MRI - only the letter summarising the findings.

You might have to contact the hospital who originally did it, if you want a copy of the MRI itself.


your gp will have report and can print one off for you, mine did. as for the MRI I don’t know which hospital or where the neuro is based, or whether you had MRI at hospital were you will see neuro? many of the IT systems are linked now so the neuro should have assess, when I saw neuro he got it up on screen and talked us through it. if you had MRI done on NHs and seeing privately they won’t have assess to it as contractually it belongs to nhs. not sure I’ve explained myself very well! but worth getting print out off report from gp.

I think there is a general entitlement to see these reports on request under the Data Protection Act unless the GP would argue that it would somehow be psychologically damaging and so not in your best interests to see it.

You should be able to get a copy under DPA-40 days and £10 as per DPA. You need a subject access form. Also u cn use HRA- 10 days and £40. Both are heavy handed, I assume you till wanna c ur doc? Get consultant secretary to ring- write to request, and you still maintain goodwill. Mike

Sorry Mandymoo The suggestions ate too long. Are you seeing neuro @ same hospital that did scan? He results are pob inyr med records Mike

Thanks all.

I have now rung the GP surgery and they have agreed to give me a copy of the report to take to the neuro tomorrow.

I’m not sure what to do about the actual scan…

The Gp ordered it and as far as I know the first neuro that I saw only had the report.

I was then refered for a second opinion to the current neuro who did the LP (results tomorrow).

The confusion is that the 1st neuro told the 2nd neuro that there was 1 lession when there was actually 4.

Hopefully the report will be enough for the 2nd neuro tomorrow and if this report is significantly different to the referal from neuro 1 then he could maybe request it himself.

Wow…i’ve confused myself…regardless…thank you all for your input. Without it I wouldn’t have had the corage to ask for the report.

Mandymoo x

hey…well the report would be as good start but equally the. new neuro will want to look at the actual MRI itself but they can request this from either your gp if they have it or from the first neuro…either way they will get it… good luck and hope all goes well x