Requesting a copy of MRI , help please

I have rang radiology and they will only release a copy if the clinician who requested it authorises. Still the £10 cost. I never had this restriction before, I just paid and they released. Has this happened to anybody else? Or is anybody aware of new changes please?


i have recently done this. cost was £15. gp had to say that seeing it wouldnt cause me distress-no input needed by neuro.

hope u get what u want…


Hi Poppyseed

I managed to get a copy of mine. I wrote to the radiology department directly and asked them for a copy and to call me when it was ready for collection.

Good luck

Thanks all, I just found it unusual to get authorisation before release as last time radiology just issued after they received my money.

I handed in the form 2.5 weeks ago. Officially they have 40 days to process it. But will rang them anyway this week as was told in practise it takes about 2 weeks. Maybe i could pick it up on Friday cause i will be there anyway to see neuro. I will let know.