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I am having another MRI soon which will be my second. I’m not worried about the process but am concerned about what the result may be as, and I appreciate it is hard for me, I’m afraid my consultant belittles me at every opportunity and I fear he may say the result is clear even if it isn’t. I don’t come to this conclusion easily but I have seen him 4 times now and each time he conjures a ‘diagnosis’ out of thin air - anything from migraine to lack of confidence.

He has now accepted it isn’t migraine but he is certain it is a confidence issue with my balance. however, I have never lost confidence and done the same as I have always done yet I continue to deteriorate rapidly. He mocked me for recording the number of times I stumble as though I am obsessing about it yet I am doing it to have to prove to him I am getting worse not better, Even if it was a confidence issue it doesn’t explain other symptoms such as double vision etc.

How can I get a copy of my MRI report independently of my consultant - is there a charge for this service? I don’t enjoy being sneaky but I do feel I am entitled to an accurate account of my results. I think I will have to get a second opinion as I have to fight to get any test done,


You will probably find the contact info for requesting a copy of a medical report on your hospital’s web site. Alternatively ask switchboard to put you through to medical records and enquire. Basically you have a right to request copies of medical; info on yourself, unless the medic argues it would be injurious to your state of mind. It cost around £10 in total for a request for copies of paper docs, however many you ask for.

Hi As mrbowen stated I an b requested normal caveats, howler you may need to request under DPA as a formality and for unit requirements Mike

Sorry should be audit and not nit

When you have your MRI, just ask the radiographer for a copy of your scans. He/she may tell you ask somewhere else, but there should be no problem. Most hospitals charge, but they will give you a copy of your scans on disc. My hospital charges £18.50. (There is no delay between having the scans and getting the discs - as soon as the scans are finished, the data are on the hospital system and can be easily copied to disc so don’t let anyone fob you off.)

Just stick the disc into your laptop/PC when you get home and it will autoplay.

Knowing what to look for is fairly straightforward (pale bits that don’t join up with other pale bits), but not so easy if you’ve never done it before.

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Thank you to everybody who responded - it is reassuring to know you can obtain copies of your scans and so quickly too (Rizzo). I will let you know how I get on.


Thanks for the info I didn’t know that. I have my MRI tomorrow and the first one I ever had showed something but they lost it and stupidly I didn’t chase it. Patricksmate sorry for invading your thread hope you get sorted soon Xx

Don’t know whether this helps, but in my experience an MRI scan is reported on by a specialist radiologist and the radiologist’s report then goes back to the neurologist as well as the scan itself. I always assumed this was normal practice. If it is, then you can be reassured that your neurologist is not the only person who will be reviewing your scan.