copies of letters and mri reports!!

hi everyone,

                     please can anyone help me with ,asking my gp for letters to my neuro and and getting copies of them and my mri reports.will i have to pay for them,or is it our right as patient that we can see our notes,and copies of letters sent to our neuros ect. thankyou for help.


                             love boz xxx


hi boz

i don't know where you are in the uk but i'm in scotland and have copies of all my letters from first signs to my dx last month and the didn't cost anything..just an appt with gp to get copies

hope that helps


hi baz,

         thankyou so much,i am so relieved to hear that with costs,as i am hoping for all of the copies i can can get,i need to be able to understand and put my case forward to them ,i am in the midlands,we are far away yet so close thankyou,our names are very close,i have had mine from childhood days,it stuck all my family call me boz,thankyou again and take care.


                          love boz xxx


I’m copied into the ones sent to the GP. My first lot were private ones and my GP printed it off so I could take it to the NHS one as he had written more detail on the one sent to the GP.

thankyou buddies,

                                     my gp gave me twnty minites this morning and really listened,i hope,but he did say he will arrange all the copies i have requested ,and he knows my wish to have my say and put my side to my neuro,he has upped my gabapentin ,and is i think seeing just how in despair i am feeling with my symptoms and where i am         sitting.thankyou again x


              love boz xxx