once your diagnosed

Really random question, but i have just been diagnosed with RRMS, do you get any sort of official paperwork to say you have it ect?

Hi ssamm,

Yes, you should do, although it may be addressed to your GP, with you just on copy - almost as if you were an afterthought!

It’s just a quirk of the way it works - it was the GP who referred you to the neuro, so they get a response saying what the upshot was.

If, after a while, you haven’t heard anything, they may have forgotten to copy you, but should still certainly have written to the GP, so ask for a copy there (they may make a small photocopying charge).



Hi, I wasn’t copied into an GP letters. I just asked my neuro for a brief letter to share with work etc x

Hi Star When you attend any hospital appointment the receptionist who checks you in should ask you whether you want a copy of the letter. This really is now NHS law if you know what I mean - perhaps procedure is a better word. If you’re not asked then request a letter - we have every right to know what’s written about us. Hugs Min xx

I don’t have anything in writing but I see my go regularly and she lets me see what the neuro has written. I’m sure i could get a copy if I asked but I don’t really need one just now. X

Ok thank you :slight_smile: