Copy Of My Neuro Reprt

Hi can anyone tell me if I’m entitled to see a copy of my last Neurologists report?

l have always had a copy sent to me and my GP but this time l haven’t received my copy. I phoned the surgery to be told he received his over a week ago.

l saw a new neurologist at my last appointment who wanted me to go on a trial, l explained l was just getting over pneumonia that had left me with pleurisy and didn’t want to take part.

she got quite stroppy and brought another registrar in to try to persuade me , my answer was still no, I’ve had this disease

for over twenty years l don’t want to be a Lab rat anymore.

Then she wanted to change medication, l explained

the meds were working for me l didn’t want to go through more side affects

My hubby then said l had been through enough . and he didn’t like her attitude and we left.

cant have looked good going down a hospital corridor in a wheelchair in floods of tears.

I’m wondering what was in the report and why l didn’t receive my copy.

any help appreciated



Yes, you have the right to see copies of letters sent by your neurologist (or any other specialist) to your GP. Ordinarily, you get a copy of the letter. If you haven’t, I think the easiest way to get a copy is to phone the neurologists secretary and ask for a copy. Otherwise, go into your GP surgery and ask them for a copy.

If either or both of these methods fail, see the NHS webpage: NHS England » How do I get a copy of my health (medical) records?

It sounds like you had the most awful appointment. It’s absolutely your right to refuse to enter a trial. Regardless of your reasons. But having had pneumonia/pleurisy you were probably not the best candidate for inclusion in a trial anyway. And trying to bully you into taking part is quite simply wrong. I’d be tempted to complain about this appointment. You can get in touch with Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) - just look on your hospitals website.

You have my sympathy for having such a pig headed bully of a neurologist. Thankfully you have the support of a good man by your side.



Why not ask for a copy from your gp? Freedom of information act. You’re entitled to see all your medical records.

Thank you so much , l will phone GP tomorrow.

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I work at a gp surgery, you can ask for a subject access request form which allows you to request all or part of your medical record, remember clinical letters from specialists may take several weeks to appear in your go medical record. Under gdpr your records are free to access and can also be viewed electronically via patient access. I hope this helps

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