An overreaction but I need to go with it for now

Hello, I just don’t know where to start with this so I will just see how it goes. I phoned my GP surgery today before I picked up my son as it has been 8 weeks since my MRI. I asked the receptionist if they had received the Neurologists report back. She then said after searching that they had a letter back. She then said that she wouldn’t read it as she wouldn’t want to get anything wrong etc etc. after that she explained that as my Doctor hadn’t called me in, everything would be fine. She then made an appointment for me to see him on Monday evening. What has really annoyed me is that for more years than I care to remember I have been told I am nuts (fatigue). If I am that anxious, why has my GP, who gave me this prestigious title, not told me he has the results? He obviously now has proper confirmation, I can’t believe he isn’t smirking away and come round to the house to declare he was right! The crap he has put me through,I deserved to know as soon as that poxy letter hit their mat!!! I now have to rethink my career as how can I possibly help people work through their issues when I am the biggest fruit and nut of them all!! My clinical exam results were copied to me and this hasn’t been, so I’m never going to really know what the Neuro thought. My GP will tell me what suits him not me. My follow up with the Neuro is in February. Why don’t they give it to someone who needs it, ie. actually ill? I have wasted everyone’s time, including you great people on here. I dont want to be ill but I feel ill and I now really really don’t know what to do. I will have calmed down by tomorrow but right now it just feels unreal. Sam xx

Hi Sam,

First of all I can completely and utterly understand your upset, anger and frustration. It seems like they’ve led you round in circles and this is not fair.

In terms of wasting people’s time that’s not true at all. I have no dx. I saw my neurologist, my initial exam was normal and he said that he ‘expected’ my MRI’s (which I’ve yet to have) to be normal. However, the symptoms I’m having are very real. Everyone’s support is invaluble to me and lots of other people, would you say I had wasted your time? I doubt it.

In my opinion someone who has MS, ME, fibro, a functional disorder or even a virus. If we all have the simmilar symptoms and can sympathise or give advice then it’s a community who is happy to help : ).

In terms of not getting what the Neuro thinks I’m pretty sure by law you have access to your information. I think you should be able to ring the receptionist or secretary and request a print out of this information (even if there’s an admin fee) and collect it in a couple of days.

Wishing you all the best :slight_smile: Emma x x


By law you can get a copy of your medical records for about £10 which will include the neuro letter.



If I were you, I would ring the neuro’s secretary and ask for a copy, “As mine seems to have gone astray.” Gives them a nice get out clause for forgetting to cc you in the original (which, I believe, they are supposed to do under NICE guidelines).

Karen x

Thank you all for your support. I will contact the Neuro’s Secretary on Monday Karen, thank you, I hadn’t thought of that. I have calmed down now, all logic and rational thinking went out the window :confused: Sam xx

Hi Sam, I was under the impression that everyone got a copy of a letter, a specialist sent to their GP…? So using Karens ploy of my copy seems to have gone astray`would be a good reason for ringing.

Im a little unclear of what youre saying about your dx. Are you saying you dont have MS, but a mental condition?

Whatever the answer, please be assured that you have not wasted anyones time here. hell fire, ive been given the runaround for years, with a variety of diagnoses thrown into the pot and I am still welcomed here.

The best line any neuro fed me was , I dont know whats wrong with you, but it wont get better`. WTF is that load of claptrap?

luv Pollx

Can totally sympathise I was told i had depression and OCD. Neither is or was true. It left me feeling there was nowhere to turn to so i left seeking help for many yrs. Please do not let them pull you down, be assertive. Hope you get the help you need. xx