GP won't tell me test result

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Wonder if anyone can tell me what I should do…as the title says, I have been waiting for the results of a test I had done a few months ago, I didn’t know about this test until I saw the neuro 2 weeks ago, as when I was in hospital, I wasn’t told what I was being tested for. My GP knows how much I felt let down by the hospital and yesterday when I asked him if this result was back yet, he said he is not prepared to discuss it with me and I have to discuss it with the neuro who I am not due to see for nearly 6 months. The neuro said I would be contacted if it was positive, but now I am so stressed because I feel it must be positive seeing as my GP is refusing to tell me. The stress and worry is making me feel ill and feel so letdown by my GP, as he has been very supportive until now, feel really confused.

Any advice?

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Hang on a mo…your neuro said he would contact you IF it was positive. So doesnt that mean it must be negative, if he doesnt want to see you for 6 months…or have I misread your post? But I do think you have a right to know what you were tested for.

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Hi Anon, I would give the neuro’s secretary a call and have a word with him/her about it. It’s not fair for you to be left worrying about it when a letter from your neuro can put your mind at rest.

I know there can be a problem with being given test results by a person who didn’t order the tests as I’ve experiencd this myself so it’s worth a quick call.

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This is ridiculous. You have a legal RIGHT to see your medical records. Tell your GP that you are aware of this right and that you will report him to the Primary Care Trust / General Medical Council if he refuses to give you the information.


Under the freedom of information act you are entitled to see anything about you including records

you will have to write to your practice manager and mention you want your records etc

bear in mind they may charge you


Your right to be informed is actually in the NHS Constitution.

Specifically, you should have received a copy of the letter from Neuro to GP.

This is not easy to find:
You need a copy of the Constitution - that outlines your rights.
You need a copy of the Handbook to the Constitution - that tells you what your rights are.
Then you need to read the Appendix to the Handbook - that actually gives the section that can enforce your rights if you want to push it further.

If you want to know a bit more, PM me.

I guess that your GP does not understand all the long words, and does not want to admit to this


Thank you for all your replies.

I phoned my GP earlier in the week and he asked me to go in and talk to him about it. He said it wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell me the result, but felt I would be better hearing the it from the neuro, especially if it was positive, as the neuro would need to discuss the treatment available to me. He checked whilst I was there and the result hadn’t come back, so feel reassured now. He said he checks regularly to see if the result has come back and he’s going to let me know the result whatever it is, as soon as he knows. If it is positive, then he will ask the neuro to see me ASAP, he did this for me recently when I wanted to go private and was seen within a week, so quite happy with the result, seeing as I didn’t even need to threaten him

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