copies of mri reports and gp letters to my neuro 10.00 !

happyflowerhi everyone,

                                pleased to have had a call from my gp surgeury they are getting copies to me,at a small cost 10.00,not too much,i thought i may to apy a bit more.i just hope it can help me,when i write to my neuro,and send copies i know he doesn't have.


                                              love Boz xxx ps had call friday 11th may.

Hi Boz,

From memory, they're not allowed to charge more!

And why are you being charged at all, if it's your neuro who wants/needs to see them?  Couldn't they have been sent to him direct, without you having to act as courier?

I'm glad you seem pleased, but don't quite understand why you've had to take this step at all...

Have you had a mixture of private & NHS care, or something?


hello Tina,

                   i did start to see my neuro privatley over in a different county,and he said they don't always have acces to reports and ,and the letters are for my reference too,as beknown to me,my gp had put somatiz in my first referal letter,which a couple of years on,i have n ow just found out,after getting very upset with my gp,that my neuro was leaning this way,but hadn't got all the reports he had requested before he next saw me,which i am now hoping to fill in the missing bits,and have my say,i am quietly furious.


                  love boz xxx