Those of you who saw the neuro privately for your first appointment ...

Hi all

I saw a neuro privately last week. He’s the same chap that I was referred to see on the NHS, but I couldn’t face a sixteen week waiting list. He referred me for a brain, full spine and orbits MRI which I’m having at the end of next week in London. The scan is being covered by a policy that I have at work.

At the first appointment, I said that I wouldn’t be able to self fund forever and would need to be referred back into the NHS at some stage if it is found that I do have MS. The neuro said that I could go and have one further appointment with him to get the results, or he could put them in writing to me and refer me back into the NHS if necessary. To be honest I’m tempted to go with the writing option and save myself £250!

How did you go around this? I’m fully aware that there may well be further tests etc. needed. I’m just thinking £250 is quite a lot of money just to be told more tests needed, or yes you have it/no you don’t, when he’s willing to put it in a letter anyway? If there is bad news, I’d probably prefer to get it in the privacy and comfort of my own home anyway.

Would be grateful to hear your thoughts.

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Do check your work policy to make sure what’s covered. My situation many years ago was similar - the work BUPA (or whatever it was) policy covered the initial consultation and a follow up then, a couple of months later a further consultation + MRI + bad news consultation. Once I had a dx of a chronic condition (MS), it was over and out from BUPA (which is standard, I think) and the neurologist referred me on to his NHS list.


Hi Alison

Mine is more like a health cash plan that I pay into. There are lots of things I can claim against, such as dental, optical etc. There is head of ‘consultation’ but because I went for a low lever of cover it only covers up to £200 in each year. I’ve obviously exhausted that this year on the one consultation. Scans are offered under the plan and don’t eat into the amounts I can claim back.

I’m happy to pay for the next consultation, but the thought of popping in for ten minutes at a cost of £250 only to be told something that could have been said in a letter pains me … it’s a difficult one isn’t it!

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Hi Wobblynic,

MS is not like having cancer - so no great hurry. Don’t panic! Keep your £250, and treat yourself. Go for the letter option.

Stick with the NHS process - you can’t be cured. So no great rush to treatment. Nothing to be gained here.

You have a lumber puncher and evoked potential tests to follow in good time. Keep your self comfortable and I am sure you

have read up about the slow progression of the disease for most people.

I am very happy with the NHS.

All the best,


I`m all for you saving yourself £250, but letters from health professionals can often contain jargon we mere mortals dont understand.

I guess you could go for that option and if you do have difficulty understanding it, maybe your GP could help explain it.

I went private for an initial consultation and results, but had the MRI on nhs.

Then I went nhs altogether.



I think I’ve settled on the idea of having the follow up with the neuro privately, it makes sense to and anything I can do to speed things up a bit has to be good. I doubt a follow up would cost as much as the initial appointment did anyway.

Hopefully the MRI results won’t take too long.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I would do the same in your shoes.


ok hun.

let us know how it goes, yeh?