Private MRI.. Is it worth getting?

Hi everyine ive just joined today. After months and years of being fobbed off hy the G.P they are going to refer me to the neurlogist. Meanwhile i am just sitting at home, feeling like I’m getting worse all the time.

I am looking into getting a private MRI scan, but will need to get the money together, which will not be easy. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and did it speed up diagnosis and therefore treatment.

I really feel like i have no chance of going back to work, while i am feeling like this, so im very keen to start on some treatment. Plus i have the job centre hassling me to get back to work, but they seem unable to understand that i am just unable at the minute, even though i have sick notes. It’s driving me mad!

Hi I went private and got my scan there on 15th April. I had my review consultation last week and the neurologist told me I probably have RRMS.

I have altered sensation in my legs and feet since January and the contrast MRI showed an area of active enhancement in my brain. A T1 scan also showed older lesions.

My GP told me in February that my urgent referral would take at least a year. I mentally couldnt cope with the not knowing so going private was worth every penny to me.

My journey isnt over because hes sending me to a neurologist that specialises in MS to develop a long term treatment plan but it mentally helped to hear him confirm it and put it on paper for my employers.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Hello, I’m sorry for what you are going through. The only way I got my diagnosis was by eventually going private. Over a few years I went to my NHS GP regularly, checked for stroke and told I was ok. I was fobbed off too.

In the end it got so bad that I couldn’t walk one morning and my Dad paid for a private neurologist appointment, I saw someone within a few days, had an MRI a few days later and the diagnosis a few days after that, then straight on medication.

It’s not cheap but you can’t put a price on your health. The NHS is not set up for this kind of referral and it costs GPs money to refer you to specialists which is why they are hesitant. Best of luck x

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I was originally diagnosed with stroke after a few years wondered why I wasn’t walking as well as I had béen. Went private for MRI to get a quick result and diagnosed with SPMS I’ve gradually deteriorated and now in a wheelchair. No previous symptoms and used to run, go to gym and had a very active life so no idea where this came from! MS symptoms can be similar and yet so different in many people my advice is to take each day as it comes and enjoy your time.

Thank you. I just feel like im on some horrrible downward spiral the past 6 months and need some kind of disgnosis and treatment, instead of just getting constantly worse. I hope you are getting the help you need.

Thank you. I definitely want to do it. I feel like im just getting worse all the time. I am generally against pharmaceutical treatment, but the last 6 months, i feel like i do need something to help me function/stop me from declining. I will tey and get the cash together.

Hello ÷ I was given an urgent referral for a brain and full spine MRI rom my GP in September 2021. I had heard about the cross-border scheme in the EU which was available under post-Brexit areangements - which entailed re-imbursement. I had the MRI and sent the referral letter and receipt to the relevant department. I was informed that because I hadn’t sought prior approval to get the MRI I would not be re-paid. All I can advise is, if this scheme still runs, do seek prior spproval. GERARD.

Thank you. I will havr been waiting over a month by the time i get my latest blood test results. And then they said they will refer me to neurology. But i can’t just take sitting here, feeling like im getting worse all the time. I havent worked since January. I just cant. Been waiting for podiatry to contact me for ages. They did today and said i could be waiting 1 to 2 years for an appointment. Not sure they could help anyway, so id rather get to the root of it if im having to spend my money.

Hi where are you based please?

No no no! My love you must push forward with this! You have to almost bully the NHS for care. Don’t take no for an answer, keep badgering them!