Frustrating letter following mri RANT

im so so frustrated!!

i had my mri a couple of weeks ago and I was in for an hour and taken out midway for contrast that hadn’t been ordered. I assumed this indicated something needed a closer look. Obviously. So since then my numb hand arm has deteriorated quite significantly. Making lots of things that were already difficult impossible. I’ve also had leg symptoms and ‘sunburned’ skin patches. I have been awaiting an Emg. Which is tnrw. I emailed the consultants secretary two weeks ago saying I was concerned about MS. I said I know he’s said he’d be in touch after the mri and the emg but that I was struggling in such limbo and if there were answers in my mri I’d really like to know as otherwise we were talking at that point knifing nothing for another month.

Ivd had a letter today saying my mri showed no tumors but there was evidence of an old injury. Had I had a head injury? Moo dictation that this was relevant. And that he would write again after getting my emg results. Firstly writing. Can’t he ever discuss with me? If saying no tumour why not address lesions given I’ve expressed my ms concern. Why not say no tumors or lesions? And old injury. How old. A year a decade. Several decades? I have no knowledge of a head injury. I’ve more questions and no real answers

is it possible he’d write and be evasive about lesions. It just seems odd given my expressed concern not to mention the absence of any. . My scan was 3t with contrast so surely not much could get past that? In which case why not reassure me???

and what of the old injury??? What dues that even mean?? Just so frustrating !

rant over

Moo dictation means no indication. Dearie me…

Oh Tilly. Can completely understand your frustration and need for answers. What I suggest you do is call the PALS office of the hospital tomorrow morning. Explain that the information you’ve been given is ambiguous (to say the least) and has caused you only more worry. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a call back from someone in the neuro team soon thereafter.

Try to chill out tonight in the meantime.

Jane x

To be fair it doesn’t take much to stress me. Must be that mysterious age old head injury that i have zero knowledge of… But it is a frustrating letter.

I have my emg testing tmrw. So. Thoughts. If something shows up there what could that be. Google tells me mnd. Don’t ya love google. If nothing comes up then why is my body packing in in a neurological way.

Try to stay off google (I know it’s difficult) and not overthink things. Stress and anxiety about health can really ramp up symptoms (they certainly do in my case) - I see this in my job a lot too.

Good luck for tomorrow x

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