HELP! Steroid question

Hi guys.

Looking for some advice. Had a bit of a set back recently and the MS nurse has prescribed steroids (oral methylprednisolone 500mg). She said take them in the morning. When I picked them up I have been given 5 100g tablets to take daily. Question is do I take them all at once or did she mean start taking them in the morning. I am to start tomorrow and she is not back in office until Wednesday.

Thanks G

All at once I think. (Haven't had oral steroids for a long time! But IV 1000mg is all at once.)

Karen x

I have had oral steroids and had to take all 5 in one go, best in the morning as they can keep you awake.

I hope they help you with your current symptoms, thou I did not notice a diffrence until about day 3.


Thanks guys. That's what I thought but wasn't sure when he handed over so many pills.

Cheers again.

G :-)


Just a little tip, I take oral steroids and was told always take them with or after food.



Thanks Janet.

Will try that. Feeling a bit weird today it has to be said!

Well, weirder than usual :-)

G :-)