HELP! Steroid question

Hi guys.

Looking for some advice. Had a bit of a set back recently and the MS nurse has prescribed steroids (oral methylprednisolone 500mg). She said take them in the morning. When I picked them up I have been given 5 100g tablets to take daily. Question is do I take them all at once or did she mean start taking them in the morning. I am to start tomorrow and she is not back in office until Wednesday.

Thanks G


I was told by my MS nurse to take all 5 tablets together first thing in morning,so have one then another etc..Then next day repeat the process.

Hope this helps

Thanks Cat,

Thats what I thought.

take care.

G :-)

Yeah all a once... with the strongest flavored juice you can get theyre VILLLLLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Just a word of warning make sure you take them with or after food.



Your right MrsP. Disguting things.

Janet thanks.

G :-)