Hi everyone, I hope you are doing as well as expected.

My friend (also with ms) has been prescribed PREDNISOLONE steroids (5ml and is taking 8 per day).

I wonder if you have any experience of these, I have taken steroids myself but can’t remember which ones I was prescribed. I do know that there were some steroids that worked better than others.

Best wishes

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

Prednisolone (also known as Medrol) is the oral steroid prescribed for an MS relapse. It’s usually been given to me as 5 X 100mg per day for 5 days, although some people have had other dosages, ie. a dose that tapers off slowly.

Other than these and IV steroids (that are also Prednisolone 3 days X 1000mg) I’ve not had any others.

Maybe some other people have tried different steroids?


Thank you for the reply Sue

It does sound like she’s getting the correct steroids, it’s just that I was given one kind of steroids from my doctor that my ms nurse said can actually make things worse, I think they did.

Our ms nurses have been in short supply and we’ve been asked to contact our doctors; doctors don’t always know which steroids to give.

The steroids that were issued from my Neuro were a much higher dose than those given to me by the doctor.

Wendy x

I’ve been prescribed Prednisolone 25mg x2 for 14 days plus 1 week tapering dose. How many days are you taking 8 x 5mg for?

Thank you for the reply johnh.

The person I’m writing about was prescribed 5ml x 8 for 7 days.