Help: I'm struggling to type my finger are so numb/pins&needles_y. Any advice?

Have also posted on everday living board, as I did not think this was much of a PPMS thing?

Honestly, typing this is hard. Tips of my fingers are so numb?

Anyone know any good drugs for this? It’s been a good 3/4 days now and I’m struggling with my job. Am quite anxious.

OOOH just saw your post! Sorry to hear your fingers are so numb hon.

Are you on anything? Amitriptyline?

Sometimes it’s a horrid case of biting the bullet. Might be a response to something… a bug, the heat, overdoing it?

Take care and REST hon,

Pat x


I too get stiffness sometimes in feet, legs or hands, and I take

amytriptyline and baclofen, which although does not stop it, takes the edge

off for me.

Perhaps you could have a word with your gp or nurse to see what

they suggest.

Take care

Pam x